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How to Choose Your Ideal Gymnastics Air Track: A Complete Guide

by sorin ciovica on December 05, 2023

Whether you or your child is deeply immersed in the world of cheerleading, gymnastics, or acrobatics, chances are you've encountered the game-changing innovation of air tracks. Also known as air floors, air mats, or air tumbling runs, these inflatables empower you to practice with more repetitions and less impact, leading to greater success in your athletic pursuits. Coupled with their undeniable fun factor and portability, it's no surprise that air tracks are continually gaining popularity.

Yet, with a plethora of air tracks saturating the market, it's natural to feel a bit overwhelmed. How do you choose the right length, width, or thickness? They all seem strikingly similar, making the purchasing decision a challenging one.

Regardless of your skill level, if you're in the market for an air track, there are crucial factors to consider to ensure you invest in a quality item that not only endures but also aligns with your training needs.

Construction Matters

Beyond size and color, the paramount consideration when acquiring an air track is its construction. Much like individuals, it's the internal qualities that truly count. Look for a 1000 denier drop stitch, double-wall construction – the gold standard in quality. Equally important is how the air track is assembled. Opt for one that's hand-made (hand-glued) rather than machine-made. Hand-glued PVC seams are solvent-welded, a process that outshines heat-welded counterparts. While both methods fuse seams effectively, hand-glued PVC tends to be more resilient, particularly when it comes to folding and enduring environmental impacts like intense sun exposure. Many mass-produced air tracks use inferior materials, sacrificing durability for cost-effectiveness. Always prioritize products with extended manufacturer warranties.

Size Considerations

When contemplating size, the first consideration should be the available space. Whether for indoor or outdoor use, safety factors like run-up and clearance space are critical. Maintain one to two meters of unobstructed clearance along all sides, including the crucial run-up space. Outdoor usage demands attention to the ground – ensure it's level and free of potential hazards like rocks or sticks that could damage the air track and pose trip risks.

The length required varies according to age and skill level. While all lengths suit beginners, more advanced tumblers and taller/older athletes will benefit from a more extended track. Choose from various lengths, including airtrack 3m, airtrack 4m, airtrack 5m, and airtrack 6m, depending on your specific needs. A three-meter track suits single-pass tumbling, while connected tricks demand more length. Wider tracks offer forgiveness, allowing for more landing space, whereas longer, narrower tracks demand straighter tumbling passes to stay on course.

Thickness Matters

Air tracks typically come in 10cm or 20cm thickness options. Thicker mats provide versatility by allowing you to control firmness through air pressure adjustments. Lower pressure results in a bouncier surface, ideal for higher jumps and softer landings. Higher pressure offers a firmer, more stable surface, akin to a sprung floor. Thinner mats (10cm) are recommended for athletes up to approximately 12 years old. Your choice between the two depends on the sports you practice, as well as your age, skill, and weight.

In conclusion, choosing the perfect air track involves a careful evaluation of construction, size, and thickness. By prioritizing quality and aligning the track with your specific needs, you'll be investing in a training companion that not only enhances your skills but also stands the test of time. Explore our range of AirTracks today, including the tumble air track, airspot, air track mat and air track sale options, and elevate your gymnastics journey with confidence!

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